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Citizenship and political development | Call for papers

On 17 to 18 November, the Global Citizenship Observatory (GLOBALCIT) will hold their annual conference on 'Citizenship and political development: Membership contestation and democratic norms around the world' | Deadline for proposals: 1 July

13 June 2022 | Event

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In what ways are citizenship laws, electoral rights in migration contexts, and the many different types of political regimes and political institutions linked?

So far, there has been little scholarly research on those links, which is surprising as by defining the demos, citizenship and electoral laws help us to determine how inclusive democratic regimes are. In other words, they provide sites for the active contestation of membership by individuals, groups, or institutions, such as courts.

At this conference we investigate global variation in inclusiveness of citizenship laws and franchise regulation. We invite paper proposals that look at how different political regimes construct their citizenship and electoral laws, and how these in turn, reinforce or transform such regimes across countries and over time. We especially – but not exclusively - encourage submissions with a focus on processes of norm diffusion and electoral engineering. We also appreciate both theoretical papers that engage with empirical evidence, as well as cross-disciplinary and multi-method case studies and comparative research. The conference is intended to be an interdisciplinary forum to open out this field of research and we welcome contributions focused on case studies which are not located in the global North.

Paper Proposals:

Please submit your paper proposal through the following link, in a 1-page pdf document, by 1 July, including:

- Name, job title, affiliation, and contact information
- Paper title and abstract of 250-300 words

Questions or clarifications prior to abstract submission can be directed to [email protected].

Selected participants will be informed by 8 July and expected to submit their paper by 7 November and may be asked to act as discussant of another paper.

The Global Citizenship Observatory will provide accommodation and meals to all selected participants. Coverage of travel costs is available for a limited number of participants.

The Global Citizenship Observatory (GLOBALCIT) is a web-platform and international network of experts that publishes databases, analyses, indicators and debates on citizenship status and electoral rights around the world. GLOBALCIT addresses the need to understand the varieties of citizenship laws and policies in a globalised world, where national perspectives no longer suffice to explain the transformations of membership and enables scholars, policy-makers, and the general public to critically analyse how citizenship connects people across international borders.

Last update: 14 June 2022

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