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Connecting Africa and Europe in academia and policymaking

EUI President Renaud Dehousse reflects on the Institute’s collaboration with African partners in the latest edition of the pan-African magazine New African.

12 October 2022 | Opinion - Video - Event - Partnership

In his op-ed Prof Renaud Dehousse calls for a common agenda across continents to deal with global policy challenges. A case in point is migration, which was at the heart of discussions during the European University Institute’s first institutional visit to Africa (Kampala, Uganda) in July 2022.

“We seek collaboration among equals where Africa and Europe advance knowledge together, while seeking to bridge the worlds of academia and policymaking,” Renaud Dehousse writes in New African. 

This collaboration builds on efforts across EUI units. The Migration Policy Centre and Ugandan partners - such as the Makerere University and the Ugandan Centre on Foreign Relations - collaborate on the governance of migration. The Young African Leaders programme at the School of Transnational Governance is result of a partnership with the European Commission. And there are ventures like the African School of Regulation, which is based on the model of the Florence School of Regulation. The EUI is also strengthening ties with institutions like the African Union. 

Dehousse describes the Kampala visit as “the starting point of a long journey towards joint research and teaching initiatives on Africa co-developed with our partners… together we will discover what a stronger partnership will require.”   

In the years ahead, the EUI will welcome more African learners and scholars in Florence, while more European academics will travel to Africa.

Read more about the EUI’s collaboration with African partners in Renaud Dehousse’s op-ed in New African.

Last update: 13 March 2023

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