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Data at the Boundaries of European Law

The Academy of European Law (AEL) published a new volume in its Collected Courses series, based on the specialised courses of the 2019 AEL summer course on 'The Law of the European Union.'

08 March 2023 | Publication - Research

2023_AEL_book-Data at the boundaries of EU Law

In the latest addition to the AEL Collected Courses series, published by Oxford University Press, Deirdre Curtin, Professor at the Department of Law, and Mariavittoria Catanzariti, Research Associate at the Robert Schuman Centre, have edited a collection of essays that analyses the most recent and major pieces of EU legislation related to data governance. The volume draws attention to core themes of the relationship between law and the digital world.

The authors of the essays in Data at the Boundaries of European Law explore the ways in which data - by its very nature and its use by private providers and public authorities - intersects with the boundaries of law.

The book looks at EU legislation (the Data Governance Act, the Data Act, and the AI Act) and examines the substance of themes such as the mimetic regulatory trajectories in and around the GDPR, transparency, ownership, and accountability, as well as the translation of all of these into core areas of public law such as criminal law, migration law, and intellectual property law. As a result, this book occupies a distinctive place in the debate on digital law that goes beyond the various silos of knowledge of particular legal disciplines.

Last update: 08 March 2023

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