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European University Institute - Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies

Digital Finance | Nicola Bilotta

What opportunities does digital finance present, and what challenges does it pose for regulatory authorities? Research Associate Nicola Bilotta explains in this Schuman Short.

20 February 2024 | Video

Digital Finance, driven by mobile apps and technologies, is transforming financial services with the introduction of fresh business models, applications, and infrastructure. It offers opportunities while also presenting challenges for regulatory authorities, who must navigate the balance between fostering innovation and safeguarding financial integrity, stability, consumer protection, and market efficiency.

Nicola Bilotta is a Research Associate at the Florence School of Banking and Finance, where he coordinates the EU Supervisory Digital Finance Academy (EU-SDFA).

If you want to know more about this topic, the EU-SDFA e-book 'Digital finance in the EU : drivers, risks, opportunities' is now available.

Last update: 20 February 2024

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