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Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies - European University Institute

Digital trade | Martina Ferracane

What is digital trade? In this Schuman Short, Martina Ferracane explains the concept by identifying four of its main components.

03 October 2023 | Video

Digital trade has become a prominent issue in international policy because of its significant growth and the heightened concerns around issues like privacy, cybersecurity and disinformation. However, digital trade is a concept that lacks a clear definition. In this Schuman Short, Research Fellow Martina Ferracane explains digital trade through four of its main elements. 

In October 2022, Martina Ferracane co-launched the open-access Digital Trade Integration (DTI) database. The main goal of this initiative is to form a digital trade network with the purpose of constructing a dataset concerning digital trade restrictions and formulating an index to assess digital trade integration. The database has been designed to facilitate academic and policy research pertaining to regulatory policies within the domain of digital trade.

Martina Ferracane is giving an online course 'Introduction to digital trade regulations in Asia and Latin America', which consists of six modules and starts on 19 October 2023. The course is to provide policymakers and researchers with a critical understanding of digital trade in a global context. Visit the course page for more information and to register.  

Last update: 03 October 2023

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