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Digital trade integration - dataset & index (DTI)

The project intends to complement existing initiatives mapping regulatory measures while providing a specific focus on policy measures directly relevant to digital trade integration with coverage of all components of digital trade.

The project aims to launch a network on digital trade which will work on the creation of a dataset of digital trade restrictions and an index on digital trade integration, using a methodology based on international best practices. Digital trade has raised to the top of the international policy agenda given its sharp increase over the past decade and the sensitivity arising from related issues such as privacy, cybersecurity, freedom of expression, censorship, hate speech and disinformation. Countries are still struggling to find the balance between economic and non-economic objectives, and this project aims to shed light over this discussion. It will leverage the cross-disciplinary nature of CIVICA, bringing together scholars engaged in research on legal, technical and human rights topics.

In October 2022 the project launched its database -- an open-access repository of regulatory policies in 100 countries pertaining to the digital economy. Find out more about it on the project's website.

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