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Eminent European figures publish political manifesto on the future of the EU

In anticipation of the European Parliament elections next June, a collective of 32 former European policymakers, leading scholars and prominent public figures have published a political manifesto on the future of Europe.

04 October 2023 | Opinion - Publication

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The Manifesto, titled ‘European Integration at the Time of the New Cold War’ was published on VoxEU, the policy portal of The Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR). The column appeals for a new political contract, outlining seven key elements. The authors argue that only by becoming a more unified and effective entity can the EU play a meaningful role in the evolving global order. Among the signatories are EUI president Renaud Dehousse, Director of the Robert Schuman Centre Erik Jones, Tommaso Padoa Schioppa chair Marco Buti, and Pierre Werner Chair Giancarlo Corsetti. The official launch will take place on 11 October. 

The authors argue that the EU should reconsider its governance, economic and social structures while strengthening its internal cohesion to effectively address global challenges and strengthen its position on the global stage. The authors emphasize that a “new world order is in the making and, if the EU remains a half-baked construction, it will not play a role in shaping it”. This necessitates the move towards a new alignment between national member states and the EU: an evolution towards a “gradual and pragmatic federalism”. The signatories outline seven key points on which this new social contract should be built, such as a reform of the EU budget and state policies, and the development of a new EU security and defense policy. The column outlines that this ambitious agenda can only be achieved with a rebuilding of trust and solidarity on all levels within the EU.

In an Op-ed on the Manifesto published on Euronews, Marco Buti writes that Europe is at a turning point in history; “The response of the signatories of the Manifesto is to establish a new European political contract that overcomes the opposition between solidarity and responsibility, between efficiency and protection, between integration and sovereignty.” Buti outlines that the European Union should rebuild trust and that member states should realise that nationalism does not serve their national interests. Only by working together, the major challenges facing Europe can be effectively solved and Europe’s geopolitical stance secured.

The political manifesto can be read here.

Last update: 17 October 2023

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