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Erik Jones and Veronica Anghel on the crucial role of values in EU enlargement

In their opinion piece featured on Encompass, Erik Jones and Veronica Anghel analyse the potential of the EU's enlargement phase while highlighting the importance of having a people-centred approach.

24 April 2024 | Publication

Visual featuring Erik Jones and Veronica Anghel

Erik Jones, Director of the Robert Schuman Centre, and Veronica Anghel, Part-time Assistant Professor and Visiting Fellow, published an opinion piece on the new phase of enlargement that the European Union is approaching. 

In the essay issued on Encompass, the authors highlight the importance of people's norms and values in shaping democracy, rather than just focusing on institutional design. Drawing from their previous work in the 'Journal of Democracy', Jones and Anghel cited the example of Hungary to illustrate how democratic norms were overlooked during the accession process. 

Enlargement, particularly in people-centred terms, prompts changes in how the EU operates, impacting areas like the single market, currency, and financial space. This evolution occurs alongside formal institutional reform. Enlargement allows the EU to shape its future by promoting stability and prosperity. It highlights the potential for the EU to serve as a model for integration and stability, both within and outside its borders.

Read the full article on Encompass.

Last update: 24 April 2024

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