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EU getting rid of Russian energy addiction: when, how?

One month in, Russia's offensive in Ukraine still rages on and the conflict has no end in sight.

29 March 2022 | Event

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Russia's unwavering belligerence leaves the EU with no other choice than to make plans to render Europe independent from Russian fossil fuels and reconsider its energy options. This is easier said than done for the bloc, as Russia is, to this day, the EU's main supplier of oil, natural gas and coal.

In an online event that took place on 24 March, EU getting rid of Russian energy addiction. When, how?, organised jointly by Bruegel and the Florence School of Regulation - Energy, Jean Pisani-Ferry, Ilaria Conti, Georg Zachmann, Jean-Michel Glachant, Alex Stubb and Andris Piebalgs reflected on the steps that the EU can take now to redefine its energy future.

The first session explored European life without Russian energy. How will it happen? What are the likely main consequences of getting rid of Russia’s energy supply in a relatively short time frame?

The second session looked at how some European countries might respond individually to the crisis. Will they take a hard line about phasing out or ban Russian oil and gas? And will the support for bold action against Russia be broad and lasting or limited and short-lived?

The debate’s recording is now available here.

Last update: 29 March 2022

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