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European Festival of Journalism and Media Literacy organised by seven partners

A consortium of seven European organisations, led by the Centre for Media Pluralism and Media Freedom (CMPF) at the Robert Schuman Centre, will organise a European Festival of Journalism and Media Literacy. The festival will have multiple editions in different cities, starting in Florence in March 2024.

02 October 2023 | Event

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The festival aims to radically change the way we perceive and engage with the media. It will serve as a platform for dialogue, connecting the dots between the press, media literacy experts, and European citizens. Unlike its predecessors, this festival adopts a dual focus because it delves into the evolving role of journalism within our rapidly changing media landscape while simultaneously looks into the need to equip citizens with the tools that will allow them to critically assess information and navigate technology meaningfully.

The festival, funded by the European Commission, will be dynamic and itinerant. It will travel across various European cities, starting with Florence on 15-16 March 2024 and followed by Zagreb in 2025, fostering cultural diversity and encouraging local engagement. This mobility will ensure that the festival becomes a laboratory of ideas and cross-cultural dialogue.

At its core, this festival will be a collaborative effort. It brings together a diverse consortium of organisations with rich expertise, including the European Federation of Journalists, the European Broadcasting Union, the European Association for Viewers Interests, Journalism et Citoyenneté, Lie Detectors, and Savoir*Devenir, and the support of the European Journalism Training Association.

Pier Luigi Parcu, Director at the CMPF, expressed his enthusiasm: "This festival represents a collaborative endeavour to address the challenges and opportunities facing the European media landscape today. We invite everyone interested in these topics to join us and contribute to this important conversation."

For more information, please visit the CMPF website.

Last update: 25 October 2023

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