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FSR and partner institutions launch the African School of Regulation initiative

The EUI's Florence School of Regulation - Energy & Climate, hosted within the Robert Schuman Centre, partners with leading institutions in the energy and climate sectors by launching the African School of Regulation (ASR) initiative.

03 February 2022 | Partnership


The European University Institute's Florence School of Regulation together with the University of Cape Town (UCT), the Pan African University Institute of Water and Energy Sciences (PAUWES), the Enel Foundation, RMI, and the Energy Nexus Network (TENN) have signed a scientific knowledge partnership agreement to create the African School of Regulation (ASR) and support the energy transition in Africa.

The launch brought together renowned institutions working in both the energy and climate change sectors with the aim to offer knowledge and capacity building initiatives. In this regard, the initiative will focus on implementing applied research and creating a space for policy dialogue amongst governments, regulators, and other stakeholders, to better regulate the African energy sector and support the continent’s socio-economic development and environmental sustainability.

Inspired by the mission of the EUI’s Florence School of Regulation, the ASR aims to be a pan-African centre of excellence on energy regulation, providing capacity building on international regulatory practices.

The establishment of the ASR will be executed in two phases. Led by the FSR in coordination with the partner institutions, the first phase will include the development of training programs as well as the implementation of specific activities in research and policy dialogue. The second phase will see the placement of ASR headquarters at the hosting institution(s) in Africa.

For almost two decades, the FSR has been recognised for its diverse experience and success in providing training in energy regulation in Europe and globally. More recently, it has made a dedicated effort to provide the right training and support to meet Africa’s interests and needs in the areas of energy and climate change.

"The FSR is keen to share its knowledge and expertise in the creation of the ASR as a specialised school on energy regulation and providing logistical and coordination support during the creation and start-up phase,” said Professor Ignacio Pérez-Arriaga, who represents the FSR in the ASR partnership.

Last update: 23 September 2022

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