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Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies - European University Institute

Geopolitics of the war in Ukraine

“Berlin's impression is that Russia has isolated itself by invading Ukraine. However, from a global perspective, this looks different”

11 April 2022 | Video - Event

What are the likely geopolitical implications of the war in Ukraine? On 8 April, the Robert Schuman Centre held an online roundtable to discuss whether the war will push towards bipolarity, fragmentation or a new multilateral settlement. The way the war affects China, countries in Africa, Eastern Europe, as well as their reactions together with the role played by the United Nations and other international organisations were also addressed.

After Professors Philipp Genschel and Stephanie Hofmann introduced the event, speakers Xymena Kurowska (Central European University), Matthew Stephen (WZB Berlin Social Science Center) and Alex Veit (University of Bremen) analysed the potential geopolitical impact of the conflict. The expositions of three panellists were followed by questions from a very participative audience.

Last update: 12 April 2022

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