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Greening Logistics - 'On the move' podcast 5

An interview with Mitra Qurban, Head of Corporate Representation Brussels at Deutsche Post DHL, about their plans for decarbonisation.

19 January 2022 | Podcast

DHL Group recently announced plans to accelerate the pace of its decarbonisation to achieve climate-neutral logistics by the year 2030. In the episode, Mitra elaborates on the concrete measures DPDHL is implementing to reduce the footprint of its operations in line with the objectives of the European Green Deal.

How does the company ensure that its operations, which are being outsourced to third-party providers, meet minimal environmental quality standards? What are the main challenges to establishing a common framework for the harmonised measurement of transport and logistics-related greenhouse gas emissions? Does the Commission’s ReFuelEU Aviation proposal suffice to scale up the production of zero-emission sustainable aviation fuels and place aviation on a path to climate neutrality? What are the main obstacles to moving goods away from road transport onto cleaner modes like railways and boosting the share of sustainable multimodal transport in Europe? How can the upcoming revision of the Combined Transport Directive help overcome these? Tune in to their conversation and get the answers to these questions!

Read also the main conclusions of the 8th Florence Intermodal Forum on the Greening of European Cargo Operations here:

Last update: 09 March 2022

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