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Ukraine: How did we get here?

On 1 March we held a roundtable discussion on Ukraine with the participation of Vladimir Gel'man, Dana Allin and Oksana Antonenko. The recording is now available.

02 March 2022 | Video - Event

On 1 March Professors Philipp Genschel and Stephanie Hofmann organised a roundtable discussion with Vladimir Gel'man, Dana Allin and Oksana Antonenko on the current dramatic situation in Ukraine.

The initial round of questions were: 

  1. How did we get here (pre-history of the conflict)?
  2. Who are the players and what are their interests?
  3. What can be done now?
  4. Where will it end?

The discussion was followed by a very active engagement from a wide audience of more than 450 participants. The full recording is now available on our YouTube channel.

The roundtable was organised with the support of our Global Governance Programme.

Last update: 08 March 2022

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