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Inclusion and exclusion in international ordering | Interview with Glenda Sluga

Professor Glenda Sluga has been recently interviewed for the Toynbee Prize Foundation -which she presides- on the pressure on the so-called international order and the limits of contemporary arrangements.

04 October 2022 | Opinion

Mockup image of the interview with Glenda Sluga on Inclusion and Exclusion in International Ordering for the Toynbee Prize Foundation

In this interview, Professor Glenda Sluga speaks about her most recent book 'The Invention of International Order: Remaking Europe after Napoleon' (Princeton University Press, 2021), where she looks at the past to understand modern world issues. In this monograph, she questions for whom the post-Napoleonic international order has been built and examines its inner tensions and contradictions.


Read the full interview.

Last update: 04 October 2022

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