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Martina Ferracane selected as ‘Atlantic Dialogues Emerging Leader’

Research fellow Martina Ferracane shares her recent experience from the international young leaders’ programme in Marrakesh.

20 December 2022 | Research

Research Fellow Martina Francesca Ferracane profile photo

Martina Ferracane took part in the Young Leaders’ Programme’ (ADEL), organised by the Moroccan think-tank Policy Centre for the New South on 11-14 December 2022 in Marrakesh; she was selected among over 1600 applicants.

The ADEL programme creates a unique network across generations, continents, and cultures. Its goal is to engage young leaders in policy-making and shaping narratives, stimulating intergenerational dialogue between experts, senior officials, and change-makers.

"Having the opportunity to engage with policy makers and other representatives from the Global South allowed me to have a better view of the main priorities”, she said, “as well as to gain knowledge on the Global South perspectives concerning the most pressing global challenges, from climate change to food security."

The 2022 cohort of the ‘Atlantic Dialogues Emerging Leaders programme’ of 30 young professionals consists of 18 women and 12 men: 10 Africans, seven Europeans, six North-Americans, six South-Americans and Caribbean and one Asian. They come from NGOs and civil society, the private sector, the public sector, international organisations, consultancy, think tanks, universities and the media.

Every year, the respective cohort is invited to follow a three-day tailor-made programme on leadership and empowerment, prior to The Atlantic Dialogues Conference. The conference has been an annual event since 2012 and this year it took place on 14-16 December in Marrakesh. It brought together around 350 high-level senior officials, business leaders, academics, opinion shapers and civil society actors from the Atlantic space and beyond to discuss how to build the future of their common space on equal terms, and where the Southern voices are heard.

Martina F. Ferracane is Research Fellow at the Schuman Centre’s Global Governance Programme.

Last update: 21 December 2022

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