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Department of Economics

Fabrizia Mealli appointed President-elect of the SCI Board

Fabrizia Mealli, Professor of Statistics and Econometrics and Director of Graduate Studies at the EUI Department of Economics, has been elected as the new President-elect of the Board of the Society for Causal Inference (SCI).

20 May 2024


The Society for Causal Inference is the home for causal inference research. Its mission is to foster the science of causal inference and connect disparate fields that use causal knowledge.

Over the years, Professor Fabrizia Mealli witnessed the growing role of causal inference in shaping rigorous research, policy, and decision-making across diverse fields.

In reacting to her appointment, Professor Mealli stated: “I am excited about the prospect of leading the Society for Causal Inference through a period of growth and innovation, having a lasting impact on research, policy, and practice. As a passionate advocate for advancing causal inference methodologies and applications, I am eager to contribute with my experience and dedication to propel the Society to new heights.”

As the new President of SCI, Fabrizia Mealli aims to focus on fostering new and interdisciplinary collaborations and networking. She also looks forward to strengthening partnerships with international organisations, and promoting educational activities such as workshops and webinars, in order to ensure members are at the forefront of causal inference developments through a diverse and inclusive environment.

Mealli has been teaching causal inference not only at the EUI, but also in international schools and in Master and PhD programmes around the world. Her extensive expertise in the theory, practice, and teaching of causal inference will significantly contribute to enhancing the visibility and impact of the Society by showcasing the impact of causal inference in addressing real-world challenges.

Last update: 20 May 2024

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