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Mobility in The Fiume Crisis: How Imperial Dissolution Un-Anchors Space

Lecture by Dominique Reill on 6 November 2020

17/11/2020 | Event

he EUI Mobility in History Working Group is pleased to announce the first instalment of its new lecture series Mobility Talks. The Mobility Talks will take place once a month at Villa Salviati (if conditions allow) and on Zoom. The lecture series features historians from around the world who challenge our established views on mobility. To follow all the events and activities of the working group, subscribe to our discussion group here:

Abstract: 1919 is regularly regarded as the trigger moment when states were remade, global institutions erected, and statelessness introduced as a modern category for all those who did not fit into the new world in the making. Things were changing at rates that were hard to track, so how did people on the ground react? Mobility in The Fiume Crisis: How Imperial Dissolution Un-Anchors Space discusses some aspects of stabilization techniques local to Europe’s smallest successor state to the Habsburg Empire, Fiume, used to quell the upsets of fluctuation by absorbing mobile techniques in state-living. Special emphasis will be given to dealing with money and education, from the forthcoming book The Fiume Crisis: Life in the Wake of the Habsburg Empire.

Following the new regulations released by the Italian Government on 7 October, protective masks will be mandatory in every conference and seminar room, for any type of physical distancing 1mt, 1.8mt or more

The Coordinators: Friedrich Ammermann, Daniel Banks and Sebastian Majstorovic

To register and to receive the ZOOM MEETING link please contact [email protected]

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