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Historical Archives of the European Union

New exhibit: Greece in Europe

A travelling exhibition entitled ‘Greece in Europe 1981-2021: Celebrating 40 Years of Integration’ has opened in Athens.

11 November 2021


The Historical Archives of the European Union (HAEU) and the Service of Diplomatic and Historical Archives (YDIA) of the Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs have created an exhibition to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Greece’s membership in the European Union. 

The exhibition follows the trajectory of Greece’s association with the European Economic Community in 1961, its subsequent accession to the European Communities on 1 January 1981, and its activities in the decades thereafter. 

The display features selected materials from the archival services of the European Commission, European Parliament, the Council of the EU, the Bank of Greece Historical Archives, the  Konstantinos G. Karamanlis Foundation, the Ephorate of Antiquities of Lakonia - Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports, and members of the European Union Diplomatic Archives network (EUDiA).  

Since its accession, Greece has played an important role in furthering the European integration process. It promoted the Integrated Mediterranean Programmes, which accelerated economic development in the Mediterranean region. It also took initiatives to implement a Common Social Area, contending that the social aspects of European integration were as important as the economic ones, and would contribute to the creation of a European civil society. 

The exhibition provides a detailed look at Greece’s leadership and participation in these and other areas of European policy, but also illustrates how the country itself, and its people, took up their place among the other Member States. 

The first installation of ‘Greece in Europe’ will take place at the Melina Mercouri Cultural Centre in Athens, from 9-22 November. It will subsequently travel to other cities across Greece.  

Watch a preview or read the exhibition catalogue online.

Feature image: Group photo with inscription to Italy's Prime Minister Giulio Andreotti by Greek President Konstantinos Karamanlis, following the official signing of the Treaty of Accession of Greece to the European Communities. Source: Istituto Luigi Sturzo, Archivio Giulio Andreotti, Grecia, Viaggio 1979, b. 294. 

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