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New partnership with European Central Bank to train banking supervisors

On 6 December 2022, the Florence School of Banking and Finance at the European University Institute and the European Central Bank (ECB) announced a new partnership aimed to develop a training programme for all European banking supervisors across the Single Supervisory Mechanism.

07 December 2022 | Partnership

Launch of a partnership between the Florence School of Banking and Finance and the European Central Bank to train financial supervisors on emerging challenges in the coming years

The programme, which will run for at least four years, will train about 6,000 supervisors at the ECB and at the National Competent Authorities.

The partnership was launched in Frankfurt by Andrea Enria, Chair of the ECB Supervisory Board, and Renaud Dehousse, President of the European University Institute.

"When looking at our ongoing and future collaboration on learning services for the Single Supervisory Mechanism, I am highly confident that the EUI is best placed and prepared to add value to your training and risk analysis development needs," said Renaud Dehousse in his address at the launch event. “I have no doubt that the Florence School of Banking and Finance will deliver on this very ambitious training programme to be developed in partnership with and for the Single Supervisory Mechanism”.

The programme will focus on new skills necessary for financial supervisors to understand and address emerging cyber, digital, climate, and environmental risks. It will also cover a more effective management of traditional risks, such as those related to credit and liquidity.

This collaboration will support the Single Supervisory Mechanism in delivering on its priority objectives, increasing the consistency of supervisory approaches, and, thus, becoming a key component to further integrating European banking supervision.

“Our ambition is to keep our supervisors at the forefront of the professional field. If we want to go far, we must go together,” said Andrea Enria.

The main building blocks of the programme include an induction programme for newcomers and junior supervisors, a certified foundational curriculum covering the fundamentals of key supervisory topics for mid-career supervisors, as well as specialised learning paths to gain technical knowledge and skills of key supervisory risk areas.

To stay up to date with this new partnership, please visit the Florence School of Banking and Finance website.    

Last update: 07 December 2022

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