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European University Institute - Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies

New ‘Research Agenda’ to inform public debate on major global challenges

As the new academic year begins, the European University Institute (EUI) has published the Robert Schuman Centre ‘Research Agenda’, a new publication outlining what its academics recognise as the major challenges facing Europe and the world today.

19 September 2023 | Publication - Research

Erik Jones and Elena Torta look at the first Research Agenda of the Robert Schuman Centre

Addressing the digital transformation, the green transition, the war in Ukraine, migration, and much more, the Research Agenda is divided into seven essays, offering an overview of the impactful work carried out during 2022/23.

This Open Access document reflects the various research disciplines at the Robert Schuman Centre and focuses on a variety of interlinked pressing matters, aiming to support decision-makers in crafting possible solutions. It is also a tool for a more general readership in understanding today’s global complexities.

We wanted to show that the Robert Schuman Centre really is a problem-centred interdisciplinary research community where people with different skills and backgrounds look at similar challenges from a range of competing perspectives,” said Erik Jones, Director of the Centre.

Starting with the impact of the war in Ukraine, the first chapter addresses this turning point for Europe that brings the need to reassess its geopolitical position in the world. The subsequent chapters tackle issues such as the energy transition, globalisation, and technological changes, while also highlighting solutions to improve crisis governance, democracy, financial instability, and migration policies.

The release date of the Research Agenda follows the Yves Mény Annual Lecture, held on 18 September 2023. The lecture was delivered by EUI President Professor Renaud Dehousse. The lecture, which traditionally marks the beginning of the academic year at the Robert Schuman Centre, was also the launch of the year-long celebrations of the Robert Schuman Centre’s 30th anniversary.

The Research Agenda will be published annually at the beginning of each academic year. It will feature fresh topics that reflect the evolving world around us. You can download the Research Agenda here.

Introducing the Research Agenda 2023/24 | Erik Jones

Last update: 25 September 2023

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