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Newly released: A database to explore and improve communication on migration

On 4 March 2024 the Migration Policy Centre launched the Migration Communication Campaigns Database, a tool to support those who work on migration, as well as communicators and the press.

04 March 2024 | Research

A database to explore and improve communication on migration

As migration has become a highly polarised issue, communication campaigns are increasingly used to shape public perceptions and attitudes towards migration. These campaigns have been conducted locally, nationally, and internationally by a range of organisations -from governments to sports teams to religious groups to international organisations. Despite this growth, there has been little research on migration communications campaigns and a lack of data for analysis and stocktaking. The Migration Communications Campaigns Database aims to change this.

The interactive and open-source database contains more than 300 migration communication campaigns conducted across Europe between 2012 and 2022. The database helps organisations and staff responsible for communicating about migration to learn what’s been already been tried, identify key messages of existing campaigns, get ideas and inspiration of what has worked and plan more strategic and effective communication.

The database is also a tool to advance research in migration communication. It allows researchers from a range of disciplines to conduct comparative studies on campaigns across countries and by geographic scale, analyse trends of migration campaigns over 11 years and contribute to theoretical frameworks and conceptual models related to public communication, persuasion, and social change.

The database is freely available for anyone to access. Moving forward, it will rely on and be expanded through the contributions of users. If you’ve conducted or heard about a migration communication campaign, please share it here.

Read the new report about research on migration communication campaigns.

More information on the Migration Policy Centre website.

Last update: 06 March 2024

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