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News from the East. Behind the frontline in the battle for Ukraine

On 25 April, Moscow Correspondent for The New York Times, Valerie Hopkins, met the EUI community and talked about her first-hand experience reporting on Russia and Ukraine over the past two years.

29 May 2023 | Video

Valerie started her talk by paying tribute to her incarcerated colleague and friend, Ewan Gershkovich, the Wall Street Journal correspondent arrested in March in Russia on espionage charges.

Hopkins delved into discussing the present situation since the invasion of Ukraine started outlining how the Russian government has strengthened its efforts to ensure its citizens feel that life is still normal, “but slowly the war started to be felt more in certain cities in Russia, such as near the border with Ukraine”.

More than 80 people participated in this hybrid event, which focussed on how the war is affecting people in Russia. Hopkins also offered insights on what kind of society Putin is trying to shape and how the situation is perceived for citizens under the regime. She also discussed the Russian narrative surrounding the conflict and the increasing challenges journalists experience when reporting on the ground.

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Last update: 30 May 2023

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