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Putin’s aggression brings Europe to transformative moment

Invasion of Ukraine makes it far more likely that Europe will move beyond economics and trade to become a more rounded strategic actor, writes Brigid Laffan.

29 March 2022 | Opinion

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Emeritus Director of the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies Brigid Laffan, analyses the implications that the Ukraine war will have for Europe’s security architecture, its political economy and the dynamic of European integration itself.

"This is the EU’s geopolitical moment. It has already pushed the union and member states further and faster than anyone would have anticipated in early February. Some doubt the ability of the EU to remain united or sustain its support for Ukraine as the domestic implications of the war are felt. Europe is in for the long haul because it has to be. War is a driver of change and Europe owes it to Ukraine to offer it a home. In the longer term, the question of what to do about Russia will have to be confronted and here a Helsinki 2.0 should be explored, because Russia cannot be isolated forever. But that depends entirely on Russia. Only Russia can save itself."


Read Brigid Laffan‘s opinion piece on The Irish Times.

Last update: 29 March 2022

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