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Recommender systems | Urbano Reviglio

What determines the user's relationship with the Internet and the suggested content found on it? In this Schuman Short, Research Associate Urbano Reviglio analyses what recommender systems are and the actions taken by the European Union to regulate them.

09 April 2024 | Video

Recommender systems are the algorithmic systems employed by online platforms to recommend content to users, such as posts, news, or products and services. They are necessary to overcome the abundance of online information by predicting what users might like. However, they are not neutral systems. 

In this video, Research Associate Urbano Reviglio exposes the challenge of understanding the logic behind these systems and points out how their potential to influence people's choices. In order to protect users and make them more accountable and fair, in 2022 the European Union introduced the European Digital Services Act to regulate them. 

For more information on this topic, read Reviglio’s latest articles, 'Thinking Outside the Black-Box: The Case for “Algorithmic Sovereignty” in Social Media' and ‘Governing Platform Recommender Systems in Europe’.

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Last update: 09 April 2024

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