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European University Institute - Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies

Renewable hydrogen | James Kneebone

James Kneebone introduces the concept of 'renewable hydrogen', a clean alternative to replace the hydrogen derived from fossil fuels, which produces CO2 emissions.

08 June 2023 | Video

Having clean energy sources is key to achieve a green economy. This is the reason why clean molecules like renewable hydrogen are increasingly attracting attention from policymakers and industry.

In this Schuman Short, Research Associate James Kneebone explains what 'renewable hydrogen' is, how it can be produced without emissions, and its applications in helping to solve decarbonisation problems. 

For all types of professionals interested in this sector, the Florence School of Regulation offers a course that covers the role clean gases can play in meeting the EU Green Deal and improving the security of energy.  Registrations are open for the next edition in June 2023.

Check this news mapping the 2023 funding flows for clean hydrogen projects in the EU.

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Last update: 08 June 2023

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