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Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies - European University Institute

Schuman Shelf - Social Media, Fundamental Rights and Courts

In this Schuman Shelf, Federica Casarosa presents the book 'Social Media, Fundamental Rights and Courts - A European Perspective' co-authored by her and Evangelia Psychogiopoulou.

03 November 2023 | Publication - Video

The use of social media has expanded the possibilities for individuals to exercise the right to freedom of expression, obtain and disseminate information, and engage in debates. However, this digital revolution has led to challenges, as legislators at the international, European, and national levels have started to intervene with new rules and regulations. Less consideration has been given so far to the role of courts deciding upon cases involving the social media.

This book studies the social media jurisprudence of the Court of Justice of the European Union, the European Court of Human Rights, and eleven national courts over the past decade, showing that the fundamental rights dimension is growing in importance. 

Federica Casarosa is Professor at the Centre for Judicial Cooperation, a space for collaboration and exchange of knowledge between legal practitioners and the academic community on topics related to judicial interaction across various areas of law. Read her latest blog on the obstacles vulnerable people encounter when accessing online dispute resolution mechanisms

Last update: 06 November 2023

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