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Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies

Fellowship programme dedicated to Simone Veil

The Robert Schuman Centre has recently renamed its Robert Schuman Fellowship Programme the Simone Veil Fellowship, and will soon welcome its first two fellows.

14 February 2023

Simone Veil giving a speech at the European Parliament

As part of a survey carried out by the Robert Schuman Centre's administration in March 2022, Simone Veil was chosen out of the ten proposed female Europeans who had a significant impact on politics and/or academia.

"The decision to rename the Fellowship was taken last year", said Erik Jones, Director of the Robert Schuman Centre. "It is part of the EUI's efforts to address the gender imbalance in the naming of events, Chairs, fellowships. Now we are looking forward to welcoming our first Simone Veil esteemed fellows soon".

Simone Veil was President of the first directly-elected European Parliament and the first woman at the head of any EU institution (1979-1982). Her previous political career in France and her commitment to European values and unity stemmed from being a survivor of the Holocaust. Veil is also recognised for preserving the memory of Jewish people killed during the Second World War as well as for her efforts to improve the lives of women and prisoners. 

The previous Robert Schuman Fellowships were established in 2012. The renamed Fellowship will continue to provide a framework for established academics with an international reputation to pursue their research at the Schuman Centre. The grants are awarded upon invitation only, for a duration of three to 10 months, with the possibility of extension.

Professor Kathleen McNamara will be a Simone Veil Fellow from end March to end May 2023, while Professor Philipp Van Parjis from mid-April to end May 2023.

Last update: 08 March 2023

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