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SPS Summer Academy 2021: (In)equality, Democracy and Solidarity in Europe

The EUI's Department of Social and Political Sciences organised its second Summer Academy from 6 to 10 September 2021 in the Badia Fiesolana.

17/09/2021 | News - Event

A highly selective group of 20 Master students from all over Europe participated in a week-long series of lectures, workshops, formal and informal presentations of the European University Institute (EUI) graduate program, and social activities. The main objectives of the Academy were threefold.

First, to introduce the participants to important issues of inequality in Europe and their impact on democracy and solidarity, which are considered important driving forces behind events such as the rise of populism in Europe, BREXIT, and the illiberal political turns in Hungary and Poland. Lectures by SPS faculty members, Professors Elias Dinas, Klarita Gërxhani, Juho Härkönen, Ellen Immergut, Philipp Genschel, and a keynote lecture by Professor Hanspeter Kriesi contributed to this objective.

Second, to provide the participants with an opportunity to present their research ideas and to obtain feedback both from peers and EUI fellows.

Third, to expose the participants to a full-immersion experience in the academic and social life of the EUI.

The SPS Summer Academy 2021 has successfully achieved its objectives. Participants of the Summer Academy shared their impressions of the experience:

It was an amazing opportunity to get to know the EUI in all its aspects: from the environment to the people of the Institute.

I feel privileged and proud for having had such an insightful and extensive experience.

It was a great opportunity to generate ideas on solidarity, democracy and inequalities in Europe. The lectures were interesting and very helpful and the workshops also because it helped in improving our research proposals. The network created is very professional and social.

I loved the group of people selected, the place, the organisation and care about us.

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