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European University Institute

Statement by EUI President Patrizia Nanz on student and researcher protests

The President of the European University Institute speaks out on student protests, offering a statement addressing the EUI community and beyond.

16 May 2024


The student protests worldwide in response to the ongoing war in Gaza represent a complex and evolving reality. We should distinguish between the various calls and slogans coming out of these protests – some of which we may not align with – and their profound roots in the defence of peace, the rule of law, and human life.

Students and researchers constitute the heart of a modern campus, and this must also hold true at the European University Institute. The contributions of young people are essential in ensuring that research grasp our dramatically changing world.

As President of the European University Institute, I intend to guarantee a space where faculty and researchers can pose all questions – even those that challenge what we take for granted – as long as it is done with intellectual rigour and respect for the dignity of those involved.

In an era where public debate is often polarised by the dynamics of social media, the university remains one of the few institutions where reasoning does not revolve around profit or approval. And it is crucial that this remains so.


Read also the statement of the EUI Academic Council on the current protests and call for ceasefire.

Last update: 16 May 2024

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