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The EU needs a new approach to meet its migration goals

James Dennison and Andrew Geddes have recently co-authored an op-ed for EURACTIV on the need for the EU to change its policy direction in order to achieve its migration objectives in the Mediterranean.

31 March 2023 | Opinion

Laptop displaying the op-ed written by James Dennison and Andrew Geddes for Euractiv

This piece, published on 29 March 2023, argues that the European Union needs to develop three approaches to meet the migration challenges in the Mediterranean instead of relaying on specific old tools that are no longer effective.

"(...) conditions are rife for dangerous policy drift where the EU doubles down on familiar approaches of reinforced border security, breaking the ‘business model’ of smugglers and returning irregularly arriving migrants. The 23,000 people reported dead or missing in the Mediterranean since 2015 are a tragic indication that these approaches have not worked."

The three suggested dimensions to be developed are: regional partnerships; harmonisation and coherence of approach, and third, multi-level governance involving cities and local authorities on both sides of the Mediterranean.

Read the full piece.

Last update: 31 March 2023

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