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The EUI renews its partnership with the University of Vienna

The European University Institute (EUI) together with the University of Vienna have renewed their long-term collaboration in furthering higher education initiatives and exchange opportunities in the fields of social sciences, history, law, and economics.

28 February 2024 | Partnership

Students walking in Badia library garden

Continuing in their commitment to advancing academic collaboration, the EUI and the University of Vienna have renewed their long-standing cooperation. This partnership is an expansion of a previous collaboration, which began in 2014 through Erasmus departmental agreements for students. The renewed agreement reflects the commitment of both institutions to deepen their ties and explore a variety of opportunities for research and blended mobility exchanges.

The agreement between the EUI and the University of Vienna includes joint activities such as exchange programmes and teaching experiences for researchers at the doctoral and post-doctoral levels. The exchange of faculty and administrative staff will also be promoted to enhance the academic ties between the two institutions. This initiative reflects a commitment to fostering global perspectives and enriching educational experiences for both institutions.

In addition to these core activities, the partnership will facilitate the development of workshops, seminars, and joint research projects. This comprehensive approach underscores the commitment of both the EUI and the University of Vienna to fostering a dynamic and impactful collaboration.

Founded in 1365, the University of Vienna is one of the oldest and largest universities in Central Europe. As the largest university in Austria, with over 85,000 students, it offers 186 degree programmes at various levels and in different fields. It is composed of 15 faculties and has received 118 ERC grants, highlighting its dedication to research and innovation. The institution’s commitment to internationalisation is highlighted by its 90 university-wide partnership agreements with 340 universities across Europe and attracting students each year from 120 countries.

Any further information on this partnership may be obtained from the EUI External Relations Office.

Last update: 28 February 2024

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