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New podcast series on the key challenges of the drive to net zero

The Florence School of Regulation (FSR) just launched a podcast series hosted by the FSR Director Leonardo Meeus and researcher James Kneebone. The 'FSR Policy Briefcase' will bring expert insights, analysis, and real-world implications on key policy challenges associated with the drive to net zero.

15 February 2024 | Podcast

The new podcast series will unpack the complexities of European policy together with the authors of the most recent FSR policy briefs.

Each month, the series hosts will welcome one or more experts from the policy brief under discussion. The new format is aimed at industry leaders, policymakers, concerned citizens, and anyone interested in staying up-to-date on energy and climate-related subjects, including transport, water and waste, in Europe and beyond.

The first episode features the recent flagship Policy Brief ‘Energy policy ideas for the next European Commission: from targets to investments’ written by some of the most senior researchers at the Florence School of Regulation.

Lead author and FSR Director Leonardo Meeus joined Research Associate James Kneebone for a wide-ranging conversation on some of the paper's key ideas and to reflect on some of the feedback already received.

The next episode will welcome the experts Ellen Beckstedde and Emma Menegatti to discuss the EU electricity market design reform.

Stay tuned!

Last update: 15 February 2024

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