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The MEDirections Libya Initiative | Goals and Components

Learn more about the various goals and components of the Middle East Directions Programme's Libya Initiative.

28 April 2021 | Video - Research

MED Conference with three speakers sitting at a table

The Middle East Directions Programme (MEDirections) founded its Libya Initiative in 2015 with the goal of developing three main pillars: promoting policy research on Libya involving a strong fieldwork component, supporting homegrown mediation initiatives and conducting policy dialogues.

In 2020, MEDirections launched the Libya Dialogue Platform to establish a continual coordinated platform for exchange between Libya's major political forces, and both international researchers and community on key issues to help maintain peace and stability in the country.

Watch a series of videos extracted from the MEDirections YouTube channel below to learn more about the initiative and its various components.

First, Virginie Collombier, Part-Time Professor, describes the history of the Libya Initiative and its efforts over the past six years to produce policy research and support homegrown mediation measures.

Next, Research Associate Omar Sheira, presents the Initiative's mentorship component, which aims to equip a new generation of local Libyan analysts with the skills necessary to support policy-making with their research.

Finally, May Tamimova, Research Associate, shares the various activities of the Libya Dialogue Platform, including the organisation of policy events aimed at supporting international peace-building strategies.

Watch the Playlist Below

What are the goals and components of the MEDirections Libya Initiative? | Virginie Collombier

What is the MEDirections Libya Initiative's Mentorship Programme? | Omar Sheira

What are the activities of the MEDirections Libya Dialogue Platform? | May Tamimova

Last update: 23 September 2022

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