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The position of the Italian Church towards Giorgia Meloni | Olivier Roy

Professor Olivier Roy has recently published an Oped on La Croix, commenting on the relationship between the church and populism following the electoral victory of Giorgia Meloni.

28 September 2022 | Opinion


"The Church did not give any voting instructions, even discreetly. Nevertheless, it has recently shown an openness towards Giorgia Meloni. Why? (...) Giorgia Meloni claims to be a Catholic, but she does not put Christianity forward, and therefore does not compromise it. The Church does not want politicians who claim to be 'super-Christians': it wants 'normal' Catholics, because it wants to reserve for itself the masterly word on what it means to be Catholic. It is wary of an identity without faith." 

Read the full piece in French.

Last update: 28 September 2022

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