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The Second COVID-19 Wave in Nepal and Nepali Migrants | MPC Blog

Writing for the MPC blog, Upasana Khadka, discusses how the second wave of COVID-19 infections impacted Nepali migrants.

07/07/2021 | News - Blog

"Nepal has again been gripped by a second wave fueled by a more lethal and transmissible delta variant since March (see Figure 1). International migration is once more back into the throes of uncertainty with the lives of thousands of Nepali migrants, both current and aspirants, upended." writes Upasana Khadka (former Migration Expert/Policy Advisor at the Nepalese Ministry of Labour)

In her piece for the Migration Policy Centre (MPC) blog, Khadka briefly recaps the health crisis in Nepal and details how flight bans have left thousands of Nepalis stuck abroad. She explores the so-called 'lives-versus-livelihood' dilemma that Nepalese policy-makers are currently grappling with. 

Read the full blog on the MPC website

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