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Tianying Song wins 2024 Antonio Cassese Prize

The EUI Department of Law is pleased to announce that Law alumna Tianying Song has received the Antonio Cassese Prize for the Best Doctoral Thesis in International Law.

30 May 2024 | Alumni - Award

Tianying Song_LAW thesis of the month

Tianying Song has been awarded this year's Antonio Cassese Prize for the Best EUI Doctoral Thesis in International Law for her dissertation Criminal law between cosmopolitanism and war : social and philosophical dynamics within a cosmopolitan war crimes law. Tianying defended her PhD thesis on 11 May 2023, under the supervision of Professor Nehal Bhuta.

The focus of Tianying Song's thesis is a cross-disciplinary study exploring the meaning and purpose of war crimes trials. She envisions criminal law with cosmopolitan aspirations within the complex environment of war. By adopting a cosmopolitan perspective, her thesis ascribes moral significance to war crimes law and addresses the challenges of moral psychology in the context of war. She delves into the mobilising force of war crimes law, examining how it can influence the motivations of both the global public and participants in war, and foster a collective appreciation for the value of life and human dignity, even towards strangers or enemies.

"I am honoured to receive a prize named after Antonio Cassese, a pioneer in my field of international criminal justice. I feel truly inspired" Song commented upon being awarded the prize.

The Department of Law has instituted this Prize in honour of the outstanding lawyer Antonio Cassese, among the most distinguished figures in international law and criminal justice.

Previous winners of the prize are listed here.

Last update: 30 May 2024

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