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Timely webinar explores proposed EU regulation on Standard Essential Patents

The Centre for a Digital Society hosted an expert panel discussion on European Commission's SEP regulation proposal.

31 May 2023 | Research

The Centre for a Digital Society organised a webinar on Standard Essential Patents on 19 May 2023, bringing together academics, policy makers, and industry leaders to delve into the newly proposed regulation on Standard Essential Patents (SEPs). With more than 250 registered participants, the event marks a milestone in the Centre’s project on Innovation and Intellectual Property in the Digital Age.

The online seminar aimed to foster discussions around the potential impact of the proposed regulation and its implications for SEP licensing practices and international collaborative standardization.

The European Commission made a significant move in this area on 27 April 2023 when it published a proposal for a Regulation on Standard Essential Patents. This proposed regulation introduces substantial changes to the current SEP licensing and litigation system, with the primary objectives of enhancing transparency, predictability, and efficiency in SEP licensing, while also reducing the duration of disputes and litigation.

The webinar featured a distinguished panel of experts who provided valuable insights into the key elements of the proposed regulation and its potential ramifications. The speakers included Jorge Contreras, Professor of Law at the University of Utah; Urska Petrovcic, Director of Economic Strategy Qualcomm; Alexander Prenter, Senior Policy Officer at the Fair Standards Alliance; Michael Schloegl - head of IP SEP at Continental; and Richard Vary, Intellectual Property Partner at Bird & Bird.

During the webinar, the panellists shared their initial impressions of the proposed Regulation on Standard Essential Patents and engaged in a thought-provoking discussion regarding the potential effects on SEP licensing practices and international collaborative standardization.

The insightful presentations and expert opinions generated an engaging dialogue among the participants, examining various aspects of the proposed regulation, including its potential impact on licensing negotiations, intellectual property rights, fair and reasonable licensing practices, and the overall ecosystem of standardization.

"We are pleased to have facilitated this important and timely discussion on the regulation of Standard Essential Patents," said Pier Luigi Parcu, Director of the Centre for a Digital Society. "The insights shared by our panellists shed light on the potential implications of the proposed regulation and stimulate further examination of its potential consequences. At the Centre, we are committed to further academic research on this subject and will continue to contribute to the ongoing debate."


Last update: 31 May 2023

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