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Portrait picture of Andrea Mattozzi

Andrea Mattozzi

Part-time Professor

Department of Economics

Contact info

[email protected]

[+39] 055 4685 914


Villa La Fonte, VF008

Working languages

Italian, English

Curriculum vitae

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Andrea Mattozzi

Part-time Professor

Department of Economics


He has published in top international journals such as American Economic Review, American Economic Journal Micro, Journal of the European Economic Association, International Economic Review, Games and Economic Behavior, Journal of Public Economics, Journal of Politics. His research has been supported by an NSF grant and by a Ramón y Cajal fellowship.

Research projects, clusters and working groups



Recent research output

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Additional information

  • “Success in Contests” with D. K. Levine, Economic Theory, 2021.
  • “Trade Associations: Why Not Cartels?” with D. K. Levine and S. Modica, International Economic Review, 2021.
  • “Voter Turnout with Peer Punishment” with D. K. Levine, American Economic Review, 2020.
  • “The Right Type of Legislator: a Theory of Taxation and Representation” with E. Snowberg, Journal of Public Economics, 2018.
  • “Mediocracy” joint with Antonio Merlo, Journal of Public Economics, 2015.
  • “On the Nature of Competition in Alternative Electoral Systems” joint with M. Iaryczower, Journal of Politics, 2013.
  • “The Pro-Competitive Effect of Campaign Limits in Non-Majoritarian Elections” joint with M. Iaryczower, Economic Theory, 2012.
  • “Personal Influence: Social Context and Political Competition” joint with A. Galeotti, American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, 2011.
  • Quorum and Turnout in Referenda” joint with H. Herrera, Journal of the European Economic Association, 2010.
  • Policy Uncertainty, Electoral Securities and RedistributionInternational Economic Review, 2010.
  • “The Labor Market of Italian Politicians” joint with V. Galasso, M. Landi and A. Merlo, in The Ruling Class: Management and Politics in Modern Italy, Oxford University Press 2010.
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