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Villa Raimondi, VR051


Harry Begg is a Max Weber Fellow at the Robert Schuman Centre of Advanced Studies and part of the Scientific Team at the Florence School of Banking and Finance (FBF). Harry’s research centres on the political economy of financial crisis and reform, with broader reference to cross-border business regulation, globalisation and democratic politics.

Harry’s ongoing work includes a book project evaluating financial reform as punctuated episodes of democratic politics; and text analysis work using computational methods to understand how financial crises, scandals and policy reforms develop transnationally through news media. At the EUI, Harry is also involved in projects at the FBF, including concerning European Banking Union and macroprudential financial regulation.

Before joining the EUI, Harry was a Lecturer in Political Economy at King’s College London. He has taught courses in Comparative Political Economy, Political Economy of Finance, and Comparative Politics. Harry holds a DPhil/PhD from Oxford University’s Blavatnik School of Government, where he was a European Research Council scholar. Before this, he completed his studies at Oxford, UCL and Harvard, where he was a Michael von Clemm Fellow.

Harry is always interested in sharing his research with policymakers and broader public audiences.

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