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Portrait picture of Lorenzo Piccoli

Lorenzo Piccoli

Research Fellow

Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies

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[email protected]

[+39] 055 4685 885

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San Domenico - Convento, SD016

Working languages

Italian, English, French, Spanish

Lorenzo Piccoli

Research Fellow

Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies


Lorenzo Piccoli is a Research Fellow at the Migration Policy Centre, where he coordinates teaching and training activities together with the School of Transnational Governance.

Piccoli holds a PhD degree in Social and Political Sciences from the European University Institute (2018). He has previously acted as the Scientific Coordinator of the Swiss National Center of Competence in Research for Migration and Mobility Studies (2019 - 2021) and as Research Associate at the Global Citizenship Observatory (2018 - 2021). His research focuses on the inclusion/exclusion of migrant populations from political and social rights. He is currently writing a book on the dilemmas of volunteers who provide social services to migrants and asylum seekers in Greece, Italy, and Spain.

He has published in BMC Public Health, Comparative Migration Studies, Democratization, Ethnopolitics, European Political Science, International Migration Review, PLOS ONE, Regional & Federal Studies, Regional Studies, and Sociology. His work has been featured in several international media, including Radio France International, Radio Svizzera Italiana, The Guardian, and The Washington Post.

Recent research output

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