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Portrait picture of Mira Manini Tiwari

Mira Manini Tiwari

Research Associate

Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies

Contact info

[email protected]

[+39] 055 4685 721


Villa Schifanoia, VS062

Working languages

English, Italian, French

Mira Manini Tiwari

Research Associate

Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies


Mira Tiwari is a Research Associate at the Robert Schuman Centre (RSC). At the RSC she works in Knowledge, Governance and Transformations (KGT), part of the Global Governance Programme, and at Florence School of Regulation - Climate. At KGT she focuses on strategic foresight and critical measurement and data use in evidence-informed policymaking. At FSR – Climate, she studies citizen perceptions of climate policy as part of the Horizon Europe project CAPABLE (Climate Policy Acceptability Economic Framework).

Mira specialises in societal learning for sustainable development. To this end, she works on evidence-informed policy and on optimising the nexus between science, policymakers, and citizens. Her focus is on system approaches based on local knowledges, socioecological systems, decolonisation, and critical data use. She currently holds a research position in Environmental Economics at the University of Siena, researching decarbonisation in the agricultural sector in the region as part of Agritech, a PNRR project.

Over the past few years she has worked in public policy evaluation at the Institute for Public Policy Evaluation at the Bruno Kessler Foundation in Trento; at the Jean Monnet Centre for International Cultural Relations and Diplomacy in Siena (CREDO), in research on youth citizen deliberation on climate policy as part of the EUComMeet project, and most recently at the Global Landscapes Forum, working to tackle climate change through and nature-based community responses in agriculture and forestry. Prior to this, she worked in education consulting for schools and government, teacher training, and curriculum development at the Hearth Education Advisors in Delhi; research at the Institute of Food and Agribusiness Leadership; Social Science teaching at Creating Connections in Montalcino; and environmental and social sustainability education with Centered Lab and the Fondazione CR in Florence.

Mira has a Bachelor of Arts in Education Policy from the University of Cambridge and a Master of Sciences in Public Diplomacy from the University of Siena.

Recent research output

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