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Building Diplomacy: The Construction and Redesign of British High Commissions, c. 1945 – c. 1997


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  • AMMERMANN, Friedrich Niclas; BARRETT, Paul; BOUCHER, Lucile; BYRSKA, Olga; CHAZAL, Elisa; EVANG, Vigdis Andrea Baugstø; HUSSEY, Eoghan Christopher; LARRAÑAGA DOMÍNGUEZ, Roberto Antonio; JORGE MARTINS, Carlos Miguel; MOHAMED, Fartun; MÖRSDORF, Sven; NUGTEREN, Bastiaan; ORINSKY, Anna Wilma; ORR, Rebecca Anne; PANTALEONI, Cosimo; RIALL, Lucy; ROBLES LOPEZ, Asensio; SALAMANCA RODRÍGUEZ, Alejandro; SHI, Liu; SHIMADA, Takuya; SIMEN, Halit Serkan (2021), For a fair(er) global history, Article

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