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Research project

AFAR - Algorithmic fairness for asylum seekers and refugees

The AFAR project investigates the usages of new technologies in migration and asylum governance.

In particular, the project looks at the automation or part-automation of decisions normally taken by humans, as well as more complex machine learning and artificial intelligence systems, and related uses of digital identity mechanisms.

At its heart, AFAR is an exploration of the concept of ‘fairness’ as a legal, normative and political concept. The project explores fairness as a multidimensional concept, and considers whether existing legal standards appropriately institutionalise fairness, in particular when decision-making in these fields is increasingly automated. The project includes work packages to map the use of new technologies in migration and asylum in Europe; explore the evolving overlapping legal standards in this domain; analyse public attitudes and perceptions of fairness in the use of new technologies in migration and asylum governance; and develop proposals to reform practices for fairness.

External Partners

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