Working group

Conversation on New Histories of Capitalism

The Conversation on New Histories of Capitalism is a special working group devoted to the “Conversations on New Histories of Capitalism” webinar and podcast series. The WG functions as the de facto editorial board of the webinar and podcast. Members of the working group can therefore gain valuable experience in: organizing and hosting/moderating a webinar series, creating and editing podcasts, maintaining an online presence on behalf of the webinar series and many other skills relevant to an academic career in the post Covid19 world.

“Conversations on New Histories of Capitalism” (CNHC) is a webinar series hosted by the Department of History and Civilization at the European University Institute in Florence. This series brings together advanced scholars and early career researchers from over the world in a dialogue on the emerging field of the “New History of Capitalism.”

The Working Group is coordinated by: Lucile Boucher, Olav Hofland, Dennis Koelling, Giorgio Ennas and Guus Wieman.

The Liaison Professors are Professor Glenda Sluga and Professor Regina Grafe.

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