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Research project

DIGIPOL - Digital observatory of political discourse

In today's digital era, the EU-funded DIGIPOL project addresses trust issues in politics. It offers innovative web services and apps for real-time tracking of Twitter interactions. This empowers policymakers, citizens, and researchers, reducing the influence of private platforms on political discourse.

This project is funded by the EU's Horizon Europe programme Grant Agreement no. 101061304

The digital age has undoubtedly benefited society in a number of profound ways. The unhindered exchange of information has been liberating for the most part, providing unlimited access to knowledge that was once a privilege of the few. However, this has also created issues of trust that are particularly prominent in the political field, where vested interests may lead to misuse of information. To address this issue, the EU-funded DIGIPOL project is developing a set of web services and applications on political discourse targeted at policymakers, citizens and researchers. The innovative platform will track Twitter interactions in real time, mitigating the control of private platforms over political issues.

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