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EUI-YouGov ‘Solidarity in Europe’ project

The EUI and YouGov are monitoring the development of Solidarity in Europe through a representative, large-N survey. The 2020 version of the survey, covering 13 EU member states and the UK, was conducted in April 2020 at the height of the Corona pandemic in Europe. Two earlier renditions of the survey (2018, 2019) analyzed 10 EU members states and the UK. The survey explores how support for European solidarity varies by issue (solidarity for what?), instrument (solidarity how?) and by member state (solidarity by whom for whom?). In addition, the 2020 survey has been expanded with questions on the ‘kind of society’ and the ‘kind of Europe’ citizens wish to live in. The project produces research outputs such as datasets, scientific journal articles, policy briefs and media contributions, and will replicate and expand the survey annually in the upcoming years.

The datasets and publications are on this project page.

The project is led by Philipp Genschel and Anton Hemerijck, in collaboration with Lorenzo Cicchi, Luís Russo, Mohamed Nasr, Stephan Shakespeare and Jonathan van Parys. The 2020 dataset is publicly available on Open Access. Research based on such data is welcome (use contact email provided on this page).


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