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Research project

GPTH - Global PeaceTech Hub

This project has received funding by Kluz Ventures.

The Global PeaceTech project aims to address the challenges of the source of competition and conflict that may arise through the introduction of new technology by providing a novel framework centred on the new concept of “Global PeaceTech” which brings together the world of “tech-for-good” and the field of international studies broadly defined as the study of patterns of global change. This will help filling a gap at the intersection between peace studies and global governance. The projects ambition is to better understand how new and fast-changing techne affects the polis across borders. At the same time, the project aims to create a platform that brings together academics, practitioners, and stakeholders from the public and private sector, to foster and accelerate theoretical reflection and creative policy thinking on the use of technology to enhance peace and cooperation at the transnational level.

This matches the vision of the Florence School of Transnational Governance to become a leading hub for change makers, where high-level academic reflection can be translated into policy practices and good governance for the wellbeing of our communities around the world.

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