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Working group

History of Science and Medicine Working Group

The History of Science and Medicine Working Group has a broad scope, encompassing all aspects of the history of scientific and medical knowledge and practice from the early modern period up to the contemporary world. Our discussions focus on the emergence, circulation and uses of knowledge in different places and contexts all over the world. We aim to explore traditional and new approaches, critically reviewing them through the perspective of our own research projects and using them to stimulate debates on theoretical, methodological and practical issues.

We regularly hold internal meetings that are intended as an informal space to share our ideas, test our work in progress and receive feedback from other researchers. These are alternated with monthly talks involving external guests with different academic backgrounds and seeking to reach a broad audience. In the past, we hosted scholars such as Lorraine Daston, Philippe Descola, Bruno Latour and Katharine Park. In addition, we regularly organise visits to places in Florence relevant to the history of science and medicine, such as the Museo Galileo, the Natural History Museum and the National Library.

We have a blog and a Twitter account that we use to post about our activities and other content of interest to the working group members.

Our Twitter account:

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