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Working group

INFOSOC (Information Society) Working Group

The Information Society Working Group (InfoSoc WG) is an interdisciplinary forum covering the broad theme of “Information Society”. Topics of interest include Internet governance, the societal, legal, and political impacts of new communications technology, digital trade, freedom of speech, and platform regulation. The InfoSoc WG has been active at the EUI since Spring term 2006, and is supported by Prof. Peter Drahos.

Researchers and fellows from all departments and the Robert Schuman Centre are welcome to attend and contribute to the group. The InfoSoc WG offers the opportunity to interact with other researchers interested in similar topics, to get feedback on on-going papers and projects, to propose seminars with professors and policy-makers, and to remain updated on relevant EUI and external events related to the Information Society.


Events in Academic Year 2020-2021
  • 11 May 2021: Russian Innovation in the Era of Patent Globalization
  • 30 April 2021: The new EU Proposal on a European Approach for AI: a discussion with Lucilla Sioli
  • 23 April 2021: The role of WIPO as the UN agency for fostering innovations in the world economy
  • 15 April 2021: The Data Sharing Paradox: BigTechs in Finance
  • 9 April 2021: Law, Technology, and the Market: First-year PhD researchers in Law present their research
  • 26 March 2021: Book Presentation - Runaway Technology: Can Law Keep Up?
  • 23 February 2021: How AI Creates a Deterministic World
  • 26 January 2021: Presentations on Data Flows in Finance
  • 17 November 2020: Narratives of the Digital Economy: How Platforms Are Challenging Consumer Law and Hierarchical Organization
  • 22 October 2020: Open with purpose: Taking action to build structural equity and inclusion
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